Terms and Conditions

SSI/Son-Mar Security Inc. Terms and Conditions

1. I/we agree to pay montitoring fees annually or I/we the payor authorize Pay Pal to process the SSI/Son-Mar Security Inc. (the payee) Pre-Authorized Monitoring Payments from the designated bank account/credit card, of which I/we are authorized signatory. I/we have specified the correct banking information or I/we have included my/our Credit Card information on Pay Pal for the purpose of this SIGNED PRED-AUTHORIZED DEBIT AGREEMENT. Your first month/years monitoring payment is due the day of alarm install.

2. I/we agree that all the services are to be paid in advanced to SSI/Son-Mar Security Inc. and I/we understand that SSI/Son-Mar Security Inc. does not offer refunds. I/we the payor agree that any monthly pre-authorized payment that is returned “NSF” will result in an additional $20.00 charge. An invoice for that months monitoring as well as the $20.00 “NSF” fee will be mailed to the payor for immediate payment.

3. If I/we have selected Personal Pre-Authorized Debit as payment method, this amount will be deducted from My/Our Bank Account/Credit Card. I/we understand that I/we may CANCEL this pre-authorized payment agreement at any time by providing written notice to SSI/Son-Mar Security Inc. at the address indicated below. This notification must be received at least 10 days before the next scheduled debit along with another method of payment. A sample cancellation may be obtained from my financial institution or on line@ WWW.CDNPAY.CA.

4. Either party may terminate this monitoring agreement at the end of the first term or any subsequent term thereafter upon at least 30 days prior written notice to the other.

5. I agree that the monitoring station will verify, or attempt to verify alarm signals received by it from the premise before dispatching services. SSI/Son-Mar Security Inc. or the Monitoring Station shall incur no liability for any loss, damage or personal injury sustained as a result of any such verification nor attempted verification.

6. I agree that I am responsible for ensuring that the equipment & the communications channel with the monitoring station work property by performing REGULAR SECURITY SYSTEM TESTS, at least ONCE A MONTH. This TEST is especially important if I change my current phone system to Voice Over IP (VOIP) or make any phone changes at all.

7. I am aware that my alarm system will be fully operational the day of the install. However the monitoring of my alarm could take up to 48 hours to take effect once SSI/Son-Mar Security has received this completed on line Monitoring Form.

8. SSI/Son-Mar Security and the Monitoring Station are not responsible for fines as a result of false alarms. I/We the Customer agree to pay for all false alarm fines according to Police False Alarm Rates in our area.

9. The Monitoring Agreement is for an initial term and rate (+ tax) as agreed upon in this Monitoring Agreement and the initial quote and it shall automatically renew itself from year to year.

10. Consent to the Collection, Use and/or Disclosure of Your Information – In this section, the word “Information” means personal, financial and other details about you that you provide to us and we obtain from others outside our organization, including through products and services you use. You agree that, at the time you begin a relationship with us and during the course of our relationship, we may collect, use and disclose your Information, including for but not limited to the purposes of: identifying you, providing ongoing service, protecting us both from fraud and error, complying with legal and regulatory requirements, and marketing products and services to you by telephone, fax, at the numbers you have provided us, or by internet, mail, email and other methods.

11. This agreement is signed in the Province of Ontario.

12. I/We the customer are responsible for any cost of collections regarding monies owed to SSI/Son-Mar Security for nonpayment of monitoring invoices or upon default of this agreement as stated above. All charges become due and payable upon default of customer to fulfill the terms of this agreement.


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